Dayena Advance Design (Pty) Ltd

Our Core Business

 Our core business is the engineering and design of solutions and products in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Benefits of doing business with us

  • We are a black owned company with a BEE status of Level 1 and a subsequent BEE Procurement Recognition Level of 135%. View Certificate
  • We operate within an ISO 9000:2008 quality accredited system.

Executive Summary

The company Dayena Advance Design (DAD) focuses on new engineering designs and solutions for our customers. The team in DAD have been working in the military and commercial environment for the last 40 years. A wealth of new technologies and products were developed for satisfied customers. DAD provide the state of the art solutions to its clients locally as well as internationally. DAD concentrates on new armoured products according to the user requirement.

We do the full development cycle from CAD designs, Stress and strain analyses, dynamic testing, manufacture of proto types to full serial production of products. Technology transfer can also be done to prospective clients that want to manufacture in their own country.

Any engineering project could be done in the military and commercial field by establishing the exact requirement of the client and entering into the full development, qualification and production process of the product. The full life cycle support of our developed products can be done and is complimented in the PGSI Group.

Bring us your requirement to give you the best solution.


–     Consulting in Armour Development – Combat Vehicles and Marine Vessels

–     DaD Technologies Ballistic Kits

–     DaD Technologies Protective Blast Panels

–     Pre-cut Armoured Steel and Aluminium Kits

–     Sub Assembly Manufacture (Components to Hull)

–    Armoured Vehicle/Vessel Research and Development

–    Special Non-Standard Armoured Products

–    From Development to Manufacture of Armoured Product

–    Complete Amphibious Capability


Some projects done over the years for clients locally and internationally.


Our contact details.

Physical Address:

433 Moot Street, Hermanstad,
Pretoria, Gauteng

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 283, Hermanstad,
Pretoria, 0001, Gauteng

Tel: +27 12 942 8406
Fax: +27 12 379 3142
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.