Mission & Vision


The PGSI Mission

PGSI Group (Pty) Ltd is predominantly an Investment- and Share holding company striving to be an executive-, value adding Black Partner to existing- and new operational companies to be formed in the group.

PGSI and its affiliated companies that, in terms of the Codes of Good Practice qualify as “Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE)”, form a Virtual Business Park of expertise specialising in diversified quality products and services. Each company Directorate consists of an expert as Managing Director together with at least one director seconded by PGSI.

The expert and his executive team is accountable to PGSI as a shareholder, for the effective management- and implementation of the Codes of Good Practice as prescribed by the DTI as well as -for the profitable running of the company.

Apart from normal value adding in terms of business functions, PGSI, as Black Share holder in all of its affiliated companies, applies its expertise and knowledge in the field of Black Empowerment to consult and guide the PGSI Group in all aspects of BBBEE, with a focus on deliberately “Changing the Face of Business” in South Africa.


During the year 81 BC, the Roman slave called Spartacus created amongst his 2000 colleague slaves a passionate vision of freedom, to such an extent that they chose to rather be killed than to be forced back into their prior circumstances of slavery.

In the spirit of Spartacus, PGSI has created the following vision:

  • PGSI is a nationally recognised Black Empowered group that paves the way for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment by means of the implementation of The Codes of Good Practice as prescribed by the DTI.
  • The PGSI group enjoys a participative culture of mutual support-, dedication- and commitment in terms of the said Codes, thereby creating a win-win situation for all role players as well as deliberately changing the face of business in South Africa.